Who we are

Welcome to Theo’s Pharmacy

Theo’s Pharmacy is an independently owned, Pharmacy operating under the Pharmachoice banner.  

Being independently owned, allows us to uniquely respond to the needs of our community, and serve our patients in their best interest.

The Pharmachoice banner allows us to bring the trusted Option+ brand to our customers at a significant discount to the Brand name products, and even other house brands.

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Our owner and pharmacist, Theo, is passionate at providing the best care possible for his patients as well as to the town of  Redwater and surrounding communities. Having grown up in a small community and having practiced in rural Alberta for many years, Theo has a strong sense of community and service. He loves building strong relationships with his patients and serving their needs on an individual basis. In addition to the role of pharmacist, Theo has furthered his professional career by having training in injection administration, certification in travel health, additional prescribing authority, and expertise  on various home health care products. 

When Theo isn’t in the dispensary, you will most likely find him spending time with his four energetic kids. He loves the great outdoors and enjoys travelling.